Colin Furze Invents Hoverbike That Actually Flies

Stamford native Colin Furze who had set the Guinness World Record for his Fastest Mobility Scooter and World’s fastest motorised pram is back by translating another revolutionary idea into reality. The latest invention is his Homemade Hoverbike, that really flies. Based on the future ideas and technology, the British plumber Colin designed a fully functional hoverbike by using propellers and pair of motors. Read more »

"Remi Gaillard"

Mafia Prank By Remi Gaillard

Popular French prankster Remi Gaillard who entertains people around the world is back and posted another crazy video on his YouTube channel. The latest edition features Remi as a Mafia. Just watch the video below and enjoy the funny guy pull off a hilarious mafia prank. Read more »

"Tsugargu Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki"

Shamisen Under The Cherry Blossoms II

Once again Tsugargu Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki rock out with Japanese traditional instrument under sakura tree. In their second edition, these talented women named Kanami Takeda and Hikari Shirafuji gives a wonderful performance of the song ‘Under The Cherry Blossoms’. Read more »


Procrastination By Casually Explained

What is Procrastination? It is usually a habit of doing something that is more enjoyable in place of less pleasurable ones. So for this delaying practice, procrastinators ruin their own lives and organizations. In this short video, YouTuber Casually Explained throws some light and few ways to tackle this problem. Read more »

"Addictive Personality"

Is There a Thing As An Addictive Personality?

There is a lot of debate on addictive personality. Is it a myth or real thing? What are the signs of an addictive personality? Does personality cause addiction or does addiction cause personality? To clear these doubts, SciShow brings one educational video in which Michael Aranda throws some light on this specific type personality. Read more »