11 Years Old Girl Adilyn Malcolm Dancing Dubstep – Audacious Adi

"Adilyn Malcolm"

Talent knows no age. Here is the proof. Meet Adilyn Malcolm, an 11-years old girl dancing sensation from Littleton, Colorado. At this tender age, Adi shows amazing dance technique and body control. She learned from watching YouTube videos and never attended any dance class. She is also a motocross racer and known by the name Adi“Tude”.

In her debut video “Audacious Adi” #1, Adi Malcolm dancing freestyle dubstep to the music Need Your Heart (Feat. Kai) -Adventure Club. In her second video Audacious Adi #2, she dances to the song Higher by Mark Rosas. Watch both the videos below by this dance prodigy from USA.

[Adilyn Malcolm]

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