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94 Years Old Ramjit Raghav Became The World’s Oldest Father

The productive capacity of Ramjit Raghav at the age of 94 years has not been diminished. He hails from Haryana (north India) and claims to be the father of a child.

He has celebrated the birth of that child with pomp and ceremony, taking the same to be a God’s gift. Ramjit will receive the title of ‘the oldest father in the world’ if it is true that the child is his biological child. The secret of his producing capacity at this age is that, every day he takes three litres of milk, a pound of almonds and half kilogram of butter. He along with his wife Shakuntala will not desist with this but hope to have second child in course of time.

94 Year Old Ramjit Raghav Became The World’s Oldest Father 2

Ramjit when young was a wrestler and is hopeful to see the boy’s growth. He says that he will die only if a black snake bites him and claims that he will be same ten (10) years hence. Although Ramjit is confident about his version, some doctors entertain doubt about such claim.

At Kharkhoda hospital, Dr. Paramjeet Singh a chief doctor is of the view that “It is unlikely to have baby at that age” and in his view the baby was in sound health.

94 Year Old Ramjit Raghav Became The World’s Oldest Father 3

Ramjit has broken the previous record of the oldest father which was held by Nanu Ram Jogi an Indian farmer who got his 21st child at the age of 90 years old in 2007. It has been claimed by Ramjit that he is more than 100 years but in his pension paper his age has been mentioned to be 94.

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