A Brief History of Santa Claus: Informative Video

"History of Santa Claus video"

Santa Claus is a jolly fat old man with a white beard and a red suit, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, and simply “Santa”. But what about modern Santa Claus!

Here is beautiful informative video ‘A Brief History of Santa’ by CGP Grey which defines the historical journey of that evolutionary figure.

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2 Responses to “A Brief History of Santa Claus: Informative Video”

  1. erik vemrolen says:

    and to add a little bit more info:

    the name comes from the dutch word for saint nicholas:
    sinterklaas. And Sinterklaas sounds like -> santa claus …. see the similarities?

    • erik vermolen says:

      oh and the dutch have both!
      On 5 december we celebrate Sinterklaas (saint nicholas), this is more a party for the kids. And offcourse we celebrate christmas with a slighty less popular Santa Claus. Both are giftgiving occasions!

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