Age of puberty is declining for girls !


A new research study has found that girls are entering puberty as early as 7-8 years of age as opposed to a late age in the past, according to the journal of paediatrics.

The group was around 30 percent each white, black and Hispanic, and about 5 percent Asian. In his study of 1,239 girls, 10.4 percent of white, 23.4 percent of black and 14.9 percent of Hispanic girls had enough breast development to be considered at the onset of puberty by age 7. At the age of 8, the figures were 18.3 percent in whites, 42.9 percent in blacks and 30.9 percent in Hispanics. The findings were no surprise to local physicians who say the numbers are in keeping with what they see in their practices. Dr. Bolaji Odusina, who is a paediatric practitioner in Lawrenceville and Buford, said she sees as many as 20 girls a week who are showing signs of early puberty. Doctors at the Paediatric Endocrine Associates in Sandy Springs say that out of about 3,000 active patients, 500 have been diagnosed as having precocious puberty. Dr. Melissa Carlucci with the endocrine associates said the dangers of early on-set puberty are twofold: children are not psychologically prepared to deal with puberty at such a young age, especially menstruation for girls, and early puberty leads to premature cessation of growth and children end up short as adults.

No one knows the exact cause of early puberty. Debates range from hormones in food, to childhood obesity. Some says it is toxins… But how to slow the onset of adulthood? Parents have this advice.

Start living green with families; eat well-balanced diets together with regular physical activity.

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