Amazing bird bar-tailed Godwit flies 11,000 km nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand

Bar- tailed Godwit

Is it possible to fly 11,000 km without a single break? Yes, The bar-tailed godwit makes it possible by consuming only 0.41 percent of its body weight each hour during its eight-day-long flight.

The bar-tailed godwit commences the eight-day journey from Alaska to New Zealand on every autumn.The bird flies non-stop, without once breaking the journey to rest or eat. Then when spring comes, the bird makes the 11,000 km journey back to Alaska.

Anders Hedenstrom, Professor of Ecology from the Lund University, Sweden has puzzled over how this species of bird can fly so far without stopping. The distance is twice as far as previously known non-stop distances for migratory birds. Hedenstrom emphasises that the bar-tailed godwit is far superior to all aircraft constructed by humans when it comes to the art of flying for a long time without a break, according to a statement of the Lund University.

But what is it that makes the bar-tailed godwit able to fly 11,000 km without pausing to stop? How can these birds manage without sleep or food for eight whole days?

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