Cam Zink Sets Guinness World Record For The Longest Mountain Bike Backflip [Video]

"Cam Zink"

American mountain biker Cam Zink has set the new Guinness World Record for the longest backflip. Carson City native Cam achieved the record of world’s ‘longest dirt-to-dirt mountain bike backflip’ i.e 100 feet and 3 inches during ‘World of X Games’ at Mammoth Mountain, California.

He hits a downhill speed of 46 miles per hour before flipping 100 feet in the air and landed successfully in the ramp. Guinness adjudicator Alex Angert also confirmed the record and presented a certificate to Cam. The distance between the two dirt mounds were 80 feet and height measuring 15 feet.

Born in the year 1986 at Reno, Nevada, Cameron Zink started competing in XC at an early age of 10. The event was organized by Monster Energy on 21st August 2014 and aired live on ABC TV.

Watch the video below and meet the record breaker.

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