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"Remi Gaillard"

Mafia Prank By Remi Gaillard

Popular French prankster Remi Gaillard who entertains people around the world is back and posted another crazy video on his YouTube channel. The latest edition features Remi as a Mafia. Just watch the video below and enjoy the funny guy pull off a hilarious mafia prank.

"Tsugargu Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki"

Shamisen Under The Cherry Blossoms II

Once again Tsugargu Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki rock out with Japanese traditional instrument under sakura tree. In their second edition, these talented women named Kanami Takeda and Hikari Shirafuji gives a wonderful performance of the song ‘Under The Cherry Blossoms’.

"Mike Posner"

Mike Posner Sings ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’ on Ellen Show

American singer Michael Posner’s song I Took A Pill In Ibiza is already topping the charts of Billboard Hot 100 . Recently he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to entertain his fans. During the show, Mike sings that smash hit song about drugs in front of the audience.

"Caique Parrots"

Amazing Parrots Playing Basketball

In this incredible video, two lovely caique parrots are displaying their basketball skill while playing a “1 on 1” competitive game. Donald Almanza has filmed this clip and uploaded on YouTube channel Lovers Parrots. Just watch this cutest NBA game ever.

"Kevin Libertowski"

Basketball Trampoline Trick Shots with Kevin Libertowski

Ohio teenager Kevin Libertowski is not a new name on the internet because his ‘The world’s best trampoline trickshot’ video had gone viral last year on YouTube. Recently trick-shot expert Kevin took basketball to new heights by doing some incredible double-flip, double-ball trick shot and many more on trampoline at his backyard garden in Cleveland.