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What Happens When We Experience Awe?

Why do humans experience awe? What is an awe-inspiring experience? It is also said that, experience of awe in nature in the form of mountains, outer space and beautiful scenery leads to religious beliefs. But what exactly happens when we feel awe?

"Timo the Ragdoll Cat and Koi Fish"

Cat and Koi Fish Become Best Friends

Just watch this amazing example of unlikely animal friendship between a cat and a fish. In this YouTube video uploaded by Xiedubbel, Timo the Ragdoll Cat from Netherlands interact with his Koi fish in the little pool.

"Grizzly Bear and Cat"

Griz The Grizzly Bear And Tabby The Cat Are Friends

Here is a nice example of unlikely animal friendship between a 650 pound grizzly bear and a housecat. The inspiring video features Tabby the cat and Griz the bear have become friends over their shared love and are playing with each other.


Large Octopus Escapes Through A Small Hole [Video]

We had a posted a video in which one trapped octopus in jar opens it from the inside. But in this video, a large octopus manages to escape from a boat through an unbelievably small hole. Chance Miller has filmed this weird incident near the Chiswell Islands, Alaska.

"grizzly bear"

Animals In Slow Motion By Earth Unplugged [Video]

These 13 slow motion clips of animals will definitely melt your brain. Earth Unplugged has selected some of the BBC’s best slow motion wildlife shots from grizzly bear to lemur and compiled into a beautiful film.