Cesaria Evora, Better Known As ‘Barefoot Diva’ Dies At 70

"Cesaria Evora or Barefoot Diva"

Popular singer Cesaria Evora died at the age of 70 in her native town of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, in Cabo Verde. Evora, the queen of ‘Morna’ (The national music of Cape Verde) was better known as “Barefoot Diva” because she always performed without shoes to express her solidarity with her poor countrymen. She was born on 27 August 1941 and started singing at a very early age.

The great vocal artist had a voice to melt the soul and won a Grammy Award in 2004.

Check out this video and listen her first global hit song ‘Sodade’ from the album “Miss Perfumado”.

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