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Chinese Boy Nong Youhui Can See In The Dark With His Blue Glowing Eyes

Nong Youhui from China has the strange ability which allows him to see perfectly in the dark. Not only has that, his blue eyes glows in the darkness like those of a cat. The father of this beautiful boy noticed that his son’s eyes are glowing like lanterns in the dark. So he went to a hospital in Dahua, Southern China for consultation. After examining the wonder kid Nong Youhui, ­doctors were surprised with his exceptional feature.

Born in the Chinese region of Guangxi, Nong Youhui can read in complete darkness and sees as clearly as most people do during the day. He is also known or nicknamed as ‘Boy Cat’ due to this anomaly.

Meet the Alien Hybrid or Starchild Nong Youhui from China. Watch the video below.


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