Christian Owens made his first million | British schoolboy entrepreneur

Christian Owens

Christian Owens, the British boy of 16 years has made first million dollar in just two years inspired by Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple. The boy who lives with his parents in Corby, Northantshire – got his first computer at the age of seven. After three years he got a Mac and taught himself web design. At the age of 14, from his pocket money to fund his first company, website Mac Box Bundle. The site was pretty, rooted into Apple’s own design guidelines and style. The idea worked very well, and has taken £700,000 since its launch in 2008.

Not much happy with the project, he then launched advertising pay-per-click company ‘Branchr’ a year later and worked on the business after school and at weekends. Branchr was a smash hit, distributes 300 millions ads per month on over 17,500 websites, iPhone and Android applications.

His objective is to build the business he established only a year ago until it is worth £100million.

He has eight adult employees including his 43-year-old mother, Alison. Christian says ‘My friends and I don’t really talk about my success. To them I’m just a normal teenager and it doesn’t change anything between us.’

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