Greenpeace ‘Cats Save Tigers’ Featuring Lil BUB and Friends [Video]

"Lil BUB"

Big cats, tigers are on brink of extinction and there are only 3,000 tigers left in the wild worldwide due to rapid increase in deforestation. To raise awareness about tiger conservation, Greenpeace has released a video on the eve of International Tiger Day 2014.

As part of their social campaign Cats Save Tigers, Greenpeace teamed up with the Internet’s most popular celebrity felines like Lil BUB, Captain Pancake, Nala Cat, Spangles, Boris the Kitty, Lazarus, Oskar and Klaus, Venus, Princess Monster Truck, Pudge the cat, City the Kitty, Cole and Marmalade, Richard Kitty and Hamilton the hipster cat to save big cats.

The video is created by the London based advertising agency Mr. President. Watch the video below to know those serious messages.

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