Man Goes For Hysterectomy | God’s Unwanted Gift

Surgical Operation in Operation Theater

A man named Ryalu, from Betul district of Madhya Pradesh India, had developed a very uncommon biological disorder, which pose a great challenge to modern age medical science.

According to The Telegraph, when Ryalu visited doctor, complaining of abdominal pain, it seems to be a common problem of hernia for which he has gone for a routine operation. Dr Pramod Kumar Srivastava, civil surgeon of Chindwara district hospital of Madhya Pradesh who had operated upon Ryalu, shocked after discovering “female reproductive system” i.e. uterus, ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes and undeveloped vaginal tissues. Ryalu a 35 year old farmer, who is already a father of two, had no options left but to go for hysterectomy.

Dr Srivastava and his team of doctors successfully removed all the female organs and the patient is recovering fast.

But it raised many questions in the mind of medical science, how a man having a healthy male sexual characteristic can develop female reproductive organs in the abdomen after becoming a father of two.  However it is an embryological accident at the time embryonic formation, which is extremely rare.


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