One Girl, 14 Genres By Sara Maria Forsberg a.k.a smoukahontas [Video]

"Sara a.k.a smoukahontas"

Sara Maria Forsberg is a 19 year old girl from James City of Finland. Sara has the ability to speak a number of languages like Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, British, American, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and Thai. She has already got much attention on YouTube for his funny videos like “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners” and “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners #2.” Her YouTube channel smoukahontas has gathered more than 42,000 subscribers with over 6,429,000 video views.

Now the gibberish speaking Finnish entertainer Sara aka smoukahontas is back and uploaded another video “One Girl, 14 Genres”.

Watch and enjoy the 14 genres of songs by Sara Maria below.

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