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"Tom Hooker and Morgan the Sea Lion"

Trainer Tom Hooker Interviews Morgan The Sea Lion

Meet Morgan the Sea Lion. In this funny video, trainer Tom Hooker asks various questions on career, affairs and gossips to this adorable Californian sea lion at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in North Devon, UK.

"Intelligent Mouse"

A Pair Of Mice Doing Amazing Tricks-Trickmousing [Video]

Believe it or not, mice can do amazing tricks. Here is the proof that mice can be trained. In this funny pet video posted by YouTube user MouseAgility, a pair of cute, but intelligent mice is trained to perform some incredible tricks on basketball, skateboard, obstacle, etc.

"Maddie Moate and Simon Baxter"

Which animals live longer than humans?

Do any animals live longer than humans? Why do crabs walk sideways? Find out in the Earth Unplugged (a channel from BBC Worldwide) video by YouTube educator Maddie Moate and Simon Baxter.

"Janice Haley with Janda (Female Tiger)"

Janice Haley Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden [Video]

Janice Haley has developed a special bond with tigers. The 57-years old woman keeps two Bengal tigers in her garden at Orlando, Florida and treats them like common pets. Janice loves to feed them by hand, stroking, nuzzling and even kissing on their mouth.

"Irina Markova"

“The Poodle Trainer”, a short film on Irina Markova by Vince Malone

Irina Markova is one of the leading dog trainers of the world. Born in the port city of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Irina became a professional dog trainer at the tender age of nine and started studying animal behaviour at Rostov Zoo. A longtime animal lover,