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McDonald's 'Shocking New Commercial’ By Barely Political

Parody ‘McDonald’s Shocking New Commercial’ By Barely Political

Parody masters of Barely Political have just released their latest funny video on McDonald. In this shocking new commercial, McDonald rolls out some bold new changes to keep up with the times. The three minutes long video features Beth Hoyt, Tom Lipinski, Todd Womack, and Bryan Olsen.

"Bryan Cranston"

Bryan Cranston and Lindsay Lohan in Esurance Super Bowl Commercials [Video]

Here is some good news for Bryan Cranston fans because Mr. Cranston the Walter White fame from Breaking Bad is back in a Super Bowl XLIX advertisement campaign for the auto insurance provider Esurance. In this funny commercial Say My Name, Cranston starred as a “Sorta Pharmacist.” Check out that video title Say My Name: […]

"Dad Song"

Old Spice Brings “Dadsong” Commercial For ‘Smellcome to Manhood’ Campaign

After the viral TV commercials like Mom song, Bowl and Tree, Old Spice has released another hilarious commercial Dadsong for it’s Re-Fresh Body Spray. Just check out the latest sequel for the campaign Smellcome to Manhood and enjoy the song.

"Jeff Goldblum"

GE ‘Enhance Your Lighting’ Infomercial Stars Jeff Goldblum [Video]

Tim & Eric (aka, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) has joined with BBDO New York to create an infomercial for General Electric. The two minutes long commercial is part of GE’s slogan ‘Enhance Your Lighting’ for its smart LED lightbulb called Link and stars Jeff Goldblum as Terry Quattro.

"Rube Goldberg Machine"

Power of Optics, An Optical Rube Goldberg Machine By Au Hikari [Commercial]

We have seen many complex Rube Goldberg Machines on the internet. But this Rube Goldberg from the Japanese fiber-optic internet provider Au Hikari is a genius one. The crazy contraption uses the power of light and magnifying glasses for perpetual chain reaction.