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"Marquese Scott"

Marquese Scott (Nonstop) Dubstep Dance Video ‘Leave’

Atlanta’s dancing star Marquese Scott, AKA Nonstop has posted a new video titled ‘LEAVE” on his YouTube channel WHZGUD2. In this edition, master of dubstep showing some new dance moves to the tune of the song Diamond Eyes – Leave.

"Marquese Scott AKA Nonstop, Sasha Brens, Mark Sheats and Cordaro Gross"

Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (Official Dance Video)

Marquese Scott AKA Nonstop, Sasha Brens, Mark Sheats and Cordaro Gross dances dubstep to the song UpTown Funk ft. Bruno Mars. The official dance video has been uploaded on YouTube channel WHZGUD2. Watch and enjoy their performance below.

"Nathan Barnatt, aka Keith Apicary"

‘Super Mario Super Dance’ By Nathan Barnatt [Video]

Nathan Barnatt, aka Keith Apicary is back has posted a new video Super Mario Super Dance on his YouTube channel. This time the elastic man performing hilarious dance moves to Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. theme music by composer Koji Kondo. Watch the funny dance video that was entirely filmed on location in Las Vegas & […]

"Gerrit Wellens"

Gerrit Wellens Dancing To Sunny By Boney M – Belgium’s Got Talent [Video]

Gerrit Wellens impressed the judges and spectators with his dance moves to Sunny by Boney M during the audition of Belgium’s Got Talent. Mr Gerrit is a 48 years old financial consultant from Antwerp and learned the dance moves from his children. Watch the dance video that is really entertaining. 

"Marquese Scott aka Nonstop Dancing Dubstep"

Marquese Scott aka Nonstop Dancing Dubstep – Need Your Heart By Adventure Club

Once again dancer Marquese Scott aka Nonstop is back with another impressive and jaw dropping dubstep dance video. This time Marquese is dancing to protohype remixof the song Need Your Heart by adventure club. Watch the video below that is uploaded on his YouTube channel WHZGUD2.