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"Funny Cat"

Kojiro The Cat Riding an Elephant

In this adorable video, Kojiro the cat loves to ride and even sleeps on his favorite stuffed elephant. Just watch this American shorthair red tabby in action with his plush elephant.

Elephant Operates Handpump at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

We have seen the video in which one cow operates handpump to drink water. Here this elephant is not thirsty, but in a playful mood at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, India. Just like a human, he was operating the handpump with his trunk. According to YouTube description, this amazing elephant is around 90 years old and […]

Female Elephants Rescue A Baby Elephant

Female Elephants Rescue A Baby Elephant

Generally the operation that involves the saving of any life or prevention of injury is called rescue. But sometimes the method of operation and moment becomes spectacular. Check out this crazy video on baby elephant rescue where this was more than instinct, it was cognizant action. The aunt was the first adult in the water […]