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"Goldfish Drives An Electric Car"

Goldfish Drives An Electric Car – Fish on Wheels

Studio Diip, a Holland based company having expertise in image recognition technology has posted a beautiful video on YouTube titled ‘Fish on Wheels’. The short clip features a goldfish in aquarium drives his little electric car around a room. According to YouTube description,


Ducks Are Chasing A Laser Pointer [Video]

We have seen cats, parrots and Puffer Fish are confused while encountering laser pointer’s red dot. Now it is the turn of ducks. Check out this funny pet video and enjoy the weird moves of those ducks while chasing a laser pointer. Ducks are going wild but cannot figure it out that spot of light.

"American guitarist singer Clara Chung aka Clara C"

Music Video FISH By American Guitarist Singer Clara C [Video]

American guitarist-singer Clara Chung aka Clara C has uploaded her second music video ‘FISH’ on her YouTube channel ClaraCMusic. Schedule to release on September 2012, the video features Glee fame Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) and directed by Daniel Fisher & Ross Ching. Hit the music video CLARA C – FISH and enjoy.

"Night Light"

Animated Film Night Light By Canadian Animator Qing Han [Video]

Canadian Freelance Layout painting artist Qing Han has made this short animated film ‘Night Light‘. Graduated from Sheridan College, Toronto based girl Qing Han loves animation and generated this one minute video of a girl painting a living fish using Painttool SAI, Corel Painter and Photoshop CS4. The background music is given by Paul Levasseur.

"Puffer Fish Chases Laser"

Puffer Fish Confused While Encountering Laser Pointer [Video]

You have seen white cat and parrot are confused while encountering laser pointer’s red dot. Now it is Puffer Fish turn. Check out this funny video and enjoy the weird moves of puffer fish while chasing laser, loves to chase that spot of light but cannot figure it out. No fish were harmed during the filming of this movie […]