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Ferrets Chase Remote Control Car – Ferret Playtime

In this funny video, three pet ferrets named Teun, Yuki and Spike were just playing with their toys in the livingroom. But the real fun started when one remote control car was introduced suddenly into the room. All the ferrets engaged to chase the electric toy around. Ferret Playtime!

"Chimpanzee Reading Newspaper"

Chimpanzee Reads Car Magazine At Mogo Zoo [Video]

Chimpanzees and humans are related species because both shares 99 percent identical DNA. Check out this funny video ‘Chimpanzee Reading Car-Magazine’ in which a chimpanzee is reading a car magazine at Mogo Zoo of New South Wales, Australia. 

"Animals Playing With iPhones And iPads"

Animals Playing With iPhones And iPads, Slacktory Supercut [Video]

Touch-screen devices like iPhone or iPad applications are very cool and so realistic that animals love to play with it. We have seen many videos on YouTube like African Bull Frog Playing Ant Crusher, Cute Kitten Playing With A Fish Pond iPad Application etc. But recently Slacktory picked the best clips of animals playing

"Pugs Are Playing Soccer With A Blue Ballon"

Pugs Are Playing Soccer With A Blue Balloon [Video]

Plays are evident throughout nature and are perceived in people and animals. Check out this rare funny video where few cute pugs are redefining the word by playing soccer with a blue balloon. What a nice video!

Triton The Lion Plays Football At Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa

Triton The Lion Plays Football At Johannesburg Zoo [Video]

Triton, an 11 years old male lion loves to play football in his enclosure at Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa. Soccer mad Triton likes soccer so much that he refuses to play with seven females he shares his enclosure with. He was born at the zoo has become a tourist attraction. Watch this amazing animal video […]