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World’s Shortest Living Woman Bridgette Jordan from Sandoval Illinois

World’s Shortest Woman – Bridgette Jordan

Bridgette Jordan from Sandoval, Illinois has been declared as the World’s shortest woman by Guinness World Records. The 22 year old Bridgette is only 2ft 3inches tall and beat the previous record holder Elif Kocaman, from Kadirli Turkey, who stands 2ft 4.58inches. Not only that, she

Parrot Confused To Laser Pointer

Parrot Confused While Encountering Laser Pointer

Generally parrots are intelligent and have the ability to imitate human voice. Check out this funny video where one adorable white parrot is confused while encountering a laser pointer’s red dot. He cannot figure it out, trying to catch and eat it.

Shruti Pandey-World's Youngest Yoga Teacher 1

Six Years Old Shruti Pandey Is The World’s Youngest Yoga Teacher

Shruti Pandey, at the age of six year became the youngest yoga teacher in the world. For the last two years this little girl has been teaching yoga to adults in an ashram in northern India. Hari Chetan the trainer who had established the ashram 35 years ago spotted her talent and sooner took her […]

94 Year Old Ramjit Raghav Became The World’s Oldest Father

94 Years Old Ramjit Raghav Became The World’s Oldest Father

The productive capacity of Ramjit Raghav at the age of 94 years has not been diminished. He hails from Haryana (north India) and claims to be the father of a child. He has celebrated the birth of that child with pomp and ceremony, taking the same to be a God’s gift. Ramjit will receive the […]


Believe It Or Not, A School Runs In Graveyard

Can anyone believe that a government school runs at a graveyard? But it is a fact that a Government MG Girls Primary School is being run at a graveyard in Ratta Amral of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The school closed whenever a dead body is brought for burial. The school has no toilet, when required students used […]