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"David Attenborough on Graham Norton Show"

David Attenborough Live Voice Over On Graham Norton Show [Video]

Sir David Attenborough appears on BBC One’s ‘The Graham Norton Show’ and performs a live voice over for the video Tortoise having sex with a shoe. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz and Kathy Burke were also present with veteran naturalist David Attenborough on the British Comedy Talk Show.

"John Malkovich and Apple iPhone 4S TV Commercial"

Siri Tells John Malkovich A Joke In Apple iPhone 4S TV Advertisement [Video]

This hilarious Apple iPhone 4S television advertisement highlights Siri application and features John Malkovich. In this Siri campaign, American actor John Malkovich talks to iPhone 4S assistant Siri and Siri tells John Malkovich a better Joke. Watch that funny Slacktory video by Alex Moschina and enjoy the Siri

"Portland Actor Isaac Lamb and Amy Frankel"

Isaac Lamb Live Lip-Dub Proposal To Girlfriend Amy Frankel [Video]

Marriage is on your mind? Great lifetime memories start with great creative marriage proposals. There are countless romantic, creative and unique marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a big impression. But this unique “Live Lip-Dub Proposal” by actor Isaac Lamb to his girlfriend Amy Frankel is one

"Japanese Cat Maru"

World Famous Cat Maru Turned 4 Years Old | I am Maru 4 [Video]

Maru, the World famous cat turned 4 years old. The owner of Maru, YouTube user mugumogu has uploaded a new video to celebrate his birthday titled “I am Maru 4.” This tribute video is a compilation of some of his greatest and funniest moments of year 2011.

"Gibbon And His Squirrel"

Richie The Gibbon And His Squirrel At Henry Vilas Zoo [Video]

Richie the gibbon discovers a squirrel’s nest in his exhibit and decided to adopt one baby squirrel at Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. For two days, both the white handed gibbons Richie and his mate Moe tried to play with it with utmost love and care.