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Hilarious Review Of Apple iPad 2

Hilarious Review Of The New Apple iPad 2

Everyone is waiting eagerly and there have been a lot of rumours on Apple’s next generation iPad named as Apple iPad 2. Features like fast processer, built-in camera for video conferencing, voice command picture editing; automatically download good music by deleting bad ones, three axis gyroscope and light peak technology etc. Here you can check […]

Yorkie Doing Wonderful Tricks

Yorkie Doing Wonderful Tricks | Funny Video

The toy sized dog Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie was developed in north England to catch the rat and mice in clothing mills. It is very easy to train them because they are good learners. Again they are very affectionate with their masters. Watch this short but crazy video where one cute Yorkie is showing just […]

Mcwolles Translated Escher’s Waterfall

Escher’s Waterfall Became A Reality On Video

Renowned Dutch artist M.C.Escher printed his lithographic artwork ‘Waterfall’ in the year 1961.This artwork looks very crazy in paper but difficult or say impossible to create its real version because it defies the law of physics. But recently one YouTube contributor named Mcwolles translated Escher’s Waterfall into reality by creating its physical version. Check out […]

‘Dusty’ The Cat Burglar - Video

‘Dusty’ The Greatest Cat Burglar Of All Time

Presently domestic cat or housecat is the most popular pet in the world. They are giving companion and associated with us over a period of 10,000 years. Other than haunting they also have the ability to dance, fishing, running on the treadmill, swimming etc. But believe it or not a cat burglar named ‘Dusty’ has […]

Strange Power of Placebo effect Video

Strange Powers Of Placebo Effect | The Most Alternate Medicine?

Placebo effect or placebo response is a phenomenon of fake treatment which brings improvement in patient’s condition because the patient believes or expects that the treatment will be helpful. These fake treatments include the substances like sugar, salt, saline etc in the form of tablet, capsule or injection and purely a psychological treatment. Watch this […]