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"Magician Simon Pierro"

iPad Magician Simon Pierro on The Ellen Show

We have posted the video in which Simon Pierro was playing on the iOS 5 by showing how magical the Apple’s iPad can be. Recently that German digital magician appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and wowed the audience with his mind-bending magic tricks on an iPad.

"Steve Jobs and Bill Gates"

Epic Rap Battles Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates [Video]

In continuation to the YouTube series ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’, Peter Shukoff aka Nice Peter and Lloyd Ahlquist aka EpicLLOYD has uploaded another epic rap battle between two historical tech heavyweights Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  In their latest funny video, Nice Peter acts as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and EpicLLOYD as Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.

"How iPad Is Made Inside Foxconn’s Longhua Facility In China"

How iPad Is Made Inside Foxconn’s Longhua Facility In China

Apple uses Chinese contract manufacturer Foxconn to make iPad, iPhone etc and hardly allows any reporter to access its manufacturing unit. But recently Apple given access to the Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz to visit

"iPad Magic by Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales"

iPad presentation By Magician Charlie and Erik At MIPIM

Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales displayed Apple iPad magic at MIPIM 2012 in Cannes to promote Stockholm. During that 3minute presentation on behalf of Step2 Communication, the Swedish magician duo Charlie and Erik used seven iPad.     Watch this video and enjoy the sleight of hand by Charlie and Erik at the trade show.

"Animals Playing With iPhones And iPads"

Animals Playing With iPhones And iPads, Slacktory Supercut [Video]

Touch-screen devices like iPhone or iPad applications are very cool and so realistic that animals love to play with it. We have seen many videos on YouTube like African Bull Frog Playing Ant Crusher, Cute Kitten Playing With A Fish Pond iPad Application etc. But recently Slacktory picked the best clips of animals playing