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"Tsugargu Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki"

Shamisen Under The Cherry Blossoms II

Once again Tsugargu Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki rock out with Japanese traditional instrument under sakura tree. In their second edition, these talented women named Kanami Takeda and Hikari Shirafuji gives a wonderful performance of the song ‘Under The Cherry Blossoms’.

"Kounosu Fireworks 2014"

World’s Heaviest Firework Shell illuminates Japanese Sky [Video]

Japan has set the new Guinness World Record for the heaviest firework. During a festival in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, around 600,000 spectators watched that amazing record breaking explosion. A 460kg rocket measuring 120cm around had exploded into a spectacular flower of light measuring 800m in diameter at Asahara Shrine.

"Rube Goldberg Machine"

Power of Optics, An Optical Rube Goldberg Machine By Au Hikari [Commercial]

We have seen many complex Rube Goldberg Machines on the internet. But this Rube Goldberg from the Japanese fiber-optic internet provider Au Hikari is a genius one. The crazy contraption uses the power of light and magnifying glasses for perpetual chain reaction.


Rendering Engine Mizuchi Tech Demo “Museum” By Silicon Studio [Video]

“Mizuchi” is the latest rendering engine from video game developer and middleware provider Silicon Studio, Tokyo, Japan. Though the new engine is under development, but the company is hopeful to launch it soon.

"Maru & Hana"

Maru and Hana Are Playing With Each Other [Video]

YouTube user mugumogu is back and has uploaded a new video Maru&Hana. In this adorable short video, the World famous cat Maru plays a lot with the kitten Hana. Watch the latest fun between Maru, the overweight male Scottish Fold of Japan and his sister Hana the kitten below.