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Rare Collection Of Some Funny Cat Pictures

Especially the pets like cat and dog occupy a unique place in our lives and make us happier. Unlike dogs, cats are not that affectionate and friendly. But sometimes their cuteness and some strange, but funny behaviour, gestures are no less entertaining. Such moments only brings a million dollar smile to our face.

"Maru & Hana"

Maru and Hana Are Playing With Each Other [Video]

YouTube user mugumogu is back and has uploaded a new video Maru&Hana. In this adorable short video, the World famous cat Maru plays a lot with the kitten Hana. Watch the latest fun between Maru, the overweight male Scottish Fold of Japan and his sister Hana the kitten below.

How to Become a Good Boyfriend – 12 Tips From Rocky the Kitten

How to become a good boyfriend? Is it hard enough to learn? No, not at all. Just check out this funny pet video by Funny cats and nice fish, which visualises 12 tips from kitten Rocky. Learn to hug and kiss her, win her heart through dancing, be affectionate, respect your girlfriend opinion, etc.

"Cat Vs Rabbit"

Kitten And Bunny Are Playing With Each Other [Video]

Plays are evident throughout nature and are perceived in people and animals. Check out this rare funny video ‘Cat vs Rabbit‘ where one cute kitten and one adorable bunny are redefining the word by playing with each other. The video is featured on Daily picks and flicks.

"Cat and Kitten Photograph"

How To Introduce Two Cats To Each Other [Video]

How to introduce a new cat to your existing cat? Check out this nice funny video titled ‘How to introduce 2 cats to each other’ which explains a 12-step program or method for introducing a new cat (Kodi) to your existing cat (Shorty) with the background music of Shogun from iMovie 11.