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"Caique Parrots"

Amazing Parrots Playing Basketball

In this incredible video, two lovely caique parrots are displaying their basketball skill while playing a “1 on 1” competitive game. Donald Almanza has filmed this clip and uploaded on YouTube channel Lovers Parrots. Just watch this cutest NBA game ever.


Ducks Are Chasing A Laser Pointer [Video]

We have seen cats, parrots and Puffer Fish are confused while encountering laser pointer’s red dot. Now it is the turn of ducks. Check out this funny pet video and enjoy the weird moves of those ducks while chasing a laser pointer. Ducks are going wild but cannot figure it out that spot of light.

"Birds talking together& kissing!"

Parakeet Parrots Are Talking Together And Kissing [Funny Video]

Usually parrots are intelligent and have the ability to imitate human voice. Check out this awesome video where an Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Psittacula krameri manilensis) and an Alexandrine Parakeet (Psittacula eupatria) are talking with each other. 

"Puffer Fish Chases Laser"

Puffer Fish Confused While Encountering Laser Pointer [Video]

You have seen white cat and parrot are confused while encountering laser pointer’s red dot. Now it is Puffer Fish turn. Check out this funny video and enjoy the weird moves of puffer fish while chasing laser, loves to chase that spot of light but cannot figure it out. No fish were harmed during the filming of this movie […]

"Animals Playing With iPhones And iPads"

Animals Playing With iPhones And iPads, Slacktory Supercut [Video]

Touch-screen devices like iPhone or iPad applications are very cool and so realistic that animals love to play with it. We have seen many videos on YouTube like African Bull Frog Playing Ant Crusher, Cute Kitten Playing With A Fish Pond iPad Application etc. But recently Slacktory picked the best clips of animals playing