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"None Like Joshua"

Different Styles of Rapping By None Like Joshua

There are many different styles of rap music. In this video, Atlanta based rapper-YouTube user None Like Joshua AKA NLJ raps 23 styles of rapping, including Slam Poetry, Battle Rap, Old School Rap, 90’s Gangsta Rap, 90’s Techno Rap, Dub Rap, Christian Rap, Nu-Metal Rap, Horrorcore, Eminem, Hardcore Rap, Latin Rap, Hip-Hop and many more.

PSY Gentleman Music Video Gone Viral on YouTube – Watch

Gentleman, the sequel to worldwide mega hit of PSY’s Gangnam Style has already hit the YouTube and garnered more than 10,000,000 views so far. The South Korean rapper PSY unveiled the music video of his latest single at a live show in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. Around 50,000 fans attended the live performance, while more than […]

Brandon McCartney, AKA Lil B Brings Music Video “Giving Up”

Rapper Brandon McCartney, AKA Lil B is back with a latest video for his track “Giving Up”. Berkeley native Lil B alias The BasedGod raps nicely and tags a thoughtful message in his song. LIL B is the rawest rapper alive. Watch and enjoy the soulful music video Giving Up below on YouTube. Source:lilbpack1

Life of PSY – Jimmy Kimmel Live [Video]

South Korean rapper PSY faces a tiger during American late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hit the YouTube video titles “Life of Psy” from the post Oscars episode with Jimmy Kimmel to see the fate of Gangnam Style dancer. Via

MattyB Cartoon Covers Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” [Video]

MattyB, AKA Matthew David Morris has uploaded a video MattyBRaps Cartoon Cover oh his YouTube channel MattyBRaps. The animated funny video features Atlanta rapper MattyB cartoon covering Taylor Swift’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble” from album Red. Via