Three Extraterrestrial Spaceships Will Attack Earth In 2012?

Three Extraterrestrial Spaceships Will Attack Earth In 2012

According to the Russian Pravda news, in the midst of the 20th century the UFO encounters became so frequent that it became practically impossible to contempt incidents UFO sightings anymore. For air defence troops, special services started establishing special departments, to study the “UNKNOWN”, secret laboratories were systematized. It’s not known that secret services have already had chances to study fragments of alien spaceships.

For the above problem, it is high time that science should say something and actually it did. The search for extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) a non-commercial organisation brought about a sensational statement.

Such sensational statement was that, three giant spaceships are heading towards earth. The largest of them is 240 kilometres wide and two others are comparatively smaller. Those three spaceships are at present beyond the orbit of Pluto.

These were detected by HAARP search system, which is located in Alaska and meant for studying phenomenon of northern lights. As per the researchers of SETI, these objects are terrestrial spaceships and can be visible as they reach Mar’s orbit with optical telescope. The US government has been informed about the same and the spaceships will touch Earth’s orbit in December 2012.

The above date of contact of the extraterrestrial spaceships with Earth brings up thoughts about Mayan calendar that is to be ended on December 21st, 2012. It may be a coincidence.

Although mankind begin to explore space still they are newcomers in this huge unexplored cosmos. Many scientists believe in the fact that other civilizations exits in space apart from our own.

It is rumoured that a lot of information about findings on the moon has been classified by the Americans. In 1988 human footprints on the lunar surface was unveiled by a noted Chinese official who was a member of the nation’s space programme. It was stated by the said official that such information has been received from a reliable source and accused the Americans for concealing such fact. Such photos were from August 3rd 1969 that is two weeks after Armstrong and Aldrin stepped on the lunar surface i.e. on July 20th 1969.

The New York Times on March 15th 2009 brought out another sensation. The above noted Chinese official, Mao Kan mentioned that he has obtained more than 1000 secret photographs which reveal not only human footprints but a human dead body on the surface of the moon. It was also stated by the said official that some bones from that dead body was missing. It is believed that the human dead body have been dropped on the moon from alien spaceship and extraterrestrials kept few tissues for research.

From the lunar orbit it is possible to capture minute’s details because of absence of air on its surface as the photos were taken on a lunar probe. From amongst the photos, the photo of the dead body is very clear.

It has been said by the former Manager (Dr.Ken Johnston) of NASA’s Lunar Research laboratory’s Data and Photo Control Department that US astronauts had photographed ancient ruins of artificial origin on the moon. They have also seen large unknown mechanism.

Is all the above are fanatic speculation? With the passage of time, truth of the same will be known.


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10 Responses to “Three Extraterrestrial Spaceships Will Attack Earth In 2012?”

  1. Lulu says:

    I nearly peed myself reading this (out of complete disbelief and later an intense amount of laughter).

  2. Jalal Hameed Bhatti says:

    Seems mere speculations as no such thing with credible evidence has been reported. The Chinese man’s claim would remain a fallacy till proved.

  3. Mike C says:

    Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon…
    Nuff said

  4. walker thor says:

    What a shit!!All crap but the truth…”Extraterrestrial ship will attack Earth 2012″…why do they attack the earth exactly 2012?They could do it allready for a long time ago IF They want it,but the last 2000 years they ain´t do anything like that are you with me?The Extraterrestrial technology,spirituality and no war politic is needed here on our Planet there all the Top Power Gov.get the latest nuclear weapons to kill other people better and better,by 40-50 times.Same person to be killed 50 times…how´s sound it????
    Stop with this which hunt and say the truth.However most of the people everywhere in this world know allready the TRUTH.And GFL and other benevolent extraterrestrials are very welcome here.

    P.S.You that wrote this article,why don´t you named the secret meetings between the US,Russian,China Gov.and the extraterrestrials?

  5. ... says:

    Are you fucking retarded?

  6. Eric says:

    If extraterrestrial spaceships will attack Earth in 2012, then mankind must start building fusion-powered electrodynamic starships to protect us against imminent annihilation.

  7. Chris says:

    Interesting article you have there. I especially like the fact that a mere three space ships, two of which are smaller, can take over an entire planet which has proven itself combat capable. I also really like the way that these spaceships which have traveled many lightyears, probably over 100, travel at such a slow speed that Pluto – Earth will take two years. This distance is less than 5 light HOURS, but will take two years. One light-day would therefore take nearly 10 years, one light year would therefore take over 3,000 years. Given that they would have to travel over 100 LYs that would be 300,000 years in transit.

    Congratulations. You are a failure.

    Any ET capable of wiping a planet with three ships would be capable of FTL travel. If they werent then they just wouldnt bother. Resources? It would be a 600,000 year round trip. Send your ships and by the time they return your descendants wouldnt even know what Iron or Platinum was any more.

    Jesus christ.

  8. walker says:

    As always,when come on this subject,they have to make us believe that extraterrestrials means truble,horror,atack against Earth,they paralize,eat us and so on.Bulshit!No words about the secret meetings between representants of USA and extraterrestrial civilizations.I wonder if other civilizations on the other planets have the same cheap propaganda against our planet.(we should deserve it!!)

  9. Lee says:

    …seriously? They’re SO technologically advanced that they’re capable of traversing the universe in their flying dinner plates yet it will take them almost two years to reach us from the orbit of friggin’ PLUTO? What rot! If that is indeed the case, you’d have to assume they’re taking a very intense scenic tour of our solar system. Probably catch some satellite TV, entertain themselves with our deeply fascinating excretory systems, make a few appearances, pop in for a cup of tea at the Whitehouse…
    And three spaceships hardly connote a fucking invasion! But if it is (considering our comparatively primitive technology)…they certainly have my support given our current circumstances.

  10. Lee says:

    Pardon me, “White House”.

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