Will Smith – Save Us PSA By Gary Scullion and Nick Acott

"Will Smith - Save Us PSA"

Gary Scullion and Nick Acott have uploaded another hilarious video on their YouTube channel The Sneaky Zebra. Watch that extremely funny video ‘Will Smith – Save Us PSA’ and read the funny description below.

The year was 2002, we found water on Mars, Brazil won the world cup” and the final movie tie in song from Will Smith was released!

Then they announced Men in Black 3, it was like a second coming! Clouds parted & Angels wept but sadly it was all in false hope when the announced Pitbull would be doing the movie theme.

And now only Will Smith can save us.

So Please Will Smith… “you’re our first”, “our last”, “and our only” “Line of defence”, “from the worst song in the universe!”

[Via-The Daily What]

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